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Sign up, view an ad, and answer 4 questions about it to earn money based on your accuracy.
Discover new and exciting companies in your area that match your interests.
Compete against other users to be closest to the average answers and earn the most money.
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Earn Money Rating Ads!
Create a Raadz user account and watch, view, or listen to an ad.
Predict the average answer (1-100) to four questions about the ad.
Earn money based on your accuracy compared to other users!
How Raadz Works
1) An advertiser submits an ad and selects 4 questions for feedback.
2) Users view the ad and answer the questions trying to be as close to the average answer as possible.
3) When the ad is complete all of the users' answers are averaged and each user is given an accuracy score.
4) Users are sorted according to their accuracy and earn money based on their rank.